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Our Story

Grumbles Law is a firm focused on the intellectual property and business needs of innovation-driven enterprise, entrepreneurs and creatives. We work to drive long-term client success with a practice based on ethics, trust, and the highest standards of professionalism and creativity. Our clients are passionate about the work they are doing, and we strive to match their enthusiasm and passion on every level.

Our Firm

We enjoy new technologies, products and services, and we love to see our clients bring those technologies, products and services to the market and thrive. We understand the human and legal aspects of launching new businesses and products. Having a solid intellectual property strategy and a plan for business structure, launch, funding and growth are key to the success of innovation-drive enterprise. We aim for solutions that enable opportunity, not just manage risk. And we do so in a way mindful of business needs and resources. We also work on various community business and policy initiatives to improve opportunities for startups, entrepreneurs and technical innovators.


Grumbles Law offers clients high-quality corporate, finance and strategic intellectual property counsel that reflects both technical and business knowledge and years of work with innovative enterprise and entrepreneurs. At Grumbles Law, we are entrepreneurs ourselves. We understand the passion and commitment it takes to develop technologies and build businesses, and we show you that same passion and commitment to excellence in our practice.

Business- and

We work with companies and entrepreneurs that are building and launching unique and useful products, services and businesses. We understand the relationship between technology and business success – and the role of legal counsel in driving success. IP and business go hand in hand. Innovative brands and proprietary technologies are the life blood of high-growth enterprise, whether you are providing creative services, new devices or both. We protect technologies and brands and help you build a strong business and legal foundation to leverage your unique assets.

Client Centered

If you have worked with an attorney in the past, you know that it can be a complex undertaking. Grumbles law is an agile partner, helping you to prioritize and protect business and product/service assets at the right time and in the right way. We dig in and work to understand your business and products. We work efficiently, cognizant of the resource challenges posed by new technologies and businesses. Grumbles Law manages opportunities, not just risks, and we enjoy watching our clients grow and evolve. And we intentionally work in a design and engineering space to stay close to the struggles and successes of innovators.

We are deeply rooted in, and committed to,
the community of entrepreneurs and innovators.